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Our mission

In a globalised world, we should aim for a common understanding of important matters. While everyone can reach different conclusions of certain events or developments, we should be able to agree on the basic facts.

Although we live in a highly interconnected world, much of the information we obtain is from local, regional or national sources. It happens that divergent narratives exist alongside each other, often contradictory and hence confusing for the world’s citizens.

The World News Monitor aims to close the lack of cross-border information. We are convinced that it is necessary for all citizens to get access to a broader range of relevant information. If we want to make the global village a peaceful and prosperous place we need to know about and communicate with our neighbours – even if they live on a different continent.

For this purpose, we, a group of journalists and technology professionals based in Vienna, Austria and Berlin, Germany, have founded The World News Monitor. With contributors around the world and a smart combination of well-established journalistic virtues and advanced technology we want to offer business information from around the globe.

This is possible, as founder Michael Maier, former editor-in-chief of Berliner Zeitung and Stern magazine comments:

“Journalists ought not to complain that the good old times are over. Today, journalism can be delivered in a much better way than ever before. Journalists can rely on a variety of sources from all around the world. We can communicate with almost everyone as English has become a true world language.

We can deliver our articles within seconds to every corner of the world. Journalism has never before had such great tools. If we stick to our core values – fact checking, curiosity and a critical approach – we can truly contribute to the common good on this planet. Is our job easier than before the advent of the internet?  Probably not.  But we are empowered to provide more reliable information, more profound analysis and sustainable coverage throughout.

Still, there is a significant change for journalists: Throughout the world they must resist the temptation of becoming part of politics. Their role is not to be celebrated in the spotlight. We have to understand that we as journalists have to serve society by using our skills, our independence and our ethical code to inform our readers, while striving for utmost accuracy at all times. Our reward will not be personal fame, but hopefully a contribution to make this planet a better place for everyone.”


The number of news and information sources worldwide is huge. In a constant flow, which knows 24 hours no break and 365 days in the year in movement is, always new information are fed into Internet.

Media, news wires, governments, organizations, bloggers or experts create a constantly renewing cosmos of information around the clock. In the “global village” in which we live today, we can know much more than in former times.  For this unique situation in history, we want to look at all the information that is relevant for economic decisions.

Journalism in the digital age

World News Monitor (WNM) was launched in February 2019 and has reached thousands of readers worldwide only after a few weeks. We currently have readers in almost every country in the world. We have been quoted numerous times on Twitter and other social networks. 

Our current topics focus on economic information. The sources come from all continents. WNM wants to give an unbiased, neutral view of important economic information. The views from West and East, North and South should give readers the opportunity to form their own impression of the news situation.

The journalists of the WNM see themselves as service providers in the information society. They summarize the articles strictly for information purposes.

Reporting, in-depth-analysis, interviews and exclusive stories put the news in context – quite traditional means, but very efficient as we always take a global perspective. 

Newspaper for the global village

World News Monitor sees itself as the digital newspaper for the global village. Our journalists – coming from Europe, Australia, Asia and the U.S. – want to deliver the basis for fact-oriented information. The goal behind our approach is to give the global community a common foundation of political debate and social interaction, economics and trade, investing and welfare.

We want to separate the important from the unimportant and focus on those pieces of information that contribute to a better understanding of the facts. We try to do this without bias or being opinionated. journalism as we see it should be neutral and  decent and contribute to global common good.

Who we are

Our core teams in Vienna, Austria and Berlin, Germany aim to make information comprehensive and accessible.

WNM is a brand of NewsTech, an international media company with a strong focus on journalism and technology:

The company was founded in 2018 by the Austrian journalist Michael Maier, working at the interface of technology and journalism. Maier previously was editor of Die Presse in Vienna, Berliner Zeitung and Stern Magazine in Hamburg, worked for Swedish publisher Bonnier Business Press, did research at the Koebner Institute at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and was a Sagan fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center.

Christoph Hermann, WNM’s managing editor, holds a Master in Public Policy (MPP) degree from Harvard University’s Kennedy School and is a graduate of Vienna University of Economics. He co-founded and built several digital publications in Germany, worked for Swedish publisher Bonnier Business Press, co-founded two digital start-ups, was a spokesperson in politics and consultant at a PR agency in New York City.

Dr. Maia Rohm was a researcher at the Vienna University of Technology and at the University of Vienna for more than 15 years. Her work focused on content-based media analysis and understanding, machine learning, and high-dimensional data mining. She was a key researcher in various national and international R&D projects. She published more than 50 peer-reviewed publications and served as a reviewer for major journals and conferences in the field of multimedia.

Funded by the Vienna-Austria Business Agency 

The Vienna Business Agency in funding innovative  companies in Vienna in the technology scene or creative industries. The Vienna Business Agency positions Austria’s capital city in the international economic environment, looks after international companies settling in Vienna, and is the first point of contact for expats arriving in Vienna.


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