Germany’s hidden champions meet China in Heidelberg

Xinhua News Agency | Oct 16, 2019 at 9:22 PM

​HEIDELBERG, Germany, Oct. 16 (Xinhua) -- Germany's up-and-rising small and medium-sized enterprises were brought together on Wednesday to meet Chinese companies and investors looking for partners at a summit dubbed "Hidden Champions Meet China" here in Heidelberg.

Prof. Hermann Simon, a German business leader and author of the book Hidden Champions, gave a talk on "Hidden Champions - heading to China".

Hidden champion enterprises in China are still in their infancy, with a low level of globalization and brand awareness, he said. In recent years, however, the momentum of their development is very rapid, especially in the field of R&D, with the proportion of researchers exceeding that in Germany.

Simon believes that there is more room for Chinese and German hidden champions to cooperate and learn from each other.

Hidden champions, a concept coined by Simon, also refer to those in a certain subdivision or industry to achieve the world's leading position.

Li Yu, CEO of INFRAMOBILITY-Dianba GmbH, told Xinhua that China has been developing rapidly in the new energy field, especially in electric vehicles and its infrastructure took the lead in the world.

"We hope to bring the best sustainable products and services to the world through cooperating with German partners to combine China's latest technology with Germany's successful experience in system and management," Li added.

The summit, hosted by Heidelberg-based Sino-German Hi-tech Park, the first German-Chinese science and technology park in the European country, will last two days.

German and Chinese specialists and businessmen will also discuss topics about joint projects for hidden champions in the field of digitization and Industry 4.0, bilateral cooperation approaches in the circular economy and more.