IVECO wins tender for 100 natural gas trucks in Argentina

Industry Europe | Sep 30, 2020 at 7:00 PM
  • Italian automotive company IVECO, a subsidiary of CNH Industrial N.V. which specialises in the commercialisation and manufacture of vehicles powered by alternative fuels, has won a record order to deliver 100 Stralis Natural Power trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) to NRG Argentina S.A., a supplier to the oil and gas industry.
  • NRG Argentina S.A., a key industry supplier, also provides last-mile and on-site management services.
  • The Stralis Natural Power trucks are fuelled by natural gas delivering a reduction of between 40% and 50% in fuel costs compared to their diesel equivalents and emissions reductions of up to 90% of nitrogen dioxide, 99% of particulate matter and 10% carbon dioxide increasing to 95% when biomethane is used.