Carl Levin: The Senator Who Mastered Oversight

Politico (USA) | Dec 27, 2021 at 6:00 AM
  • If you serve six terms in the U.S. Senate — ranking among the 20 longest-serving members in that body’s history — you tend to get stuff named after you in your home state.
  • Still, when Levin asked questions of you — whether you were offering hostile testimony before his committee in the Senate, or were at a summer cookout in the Detroit suburbs — he listened to you, not simply to mark time before he delivered a canned response but instead so that he could understand.
  • Levin, a Democrat who died this year at 87, was from one of metro Detroit’s big political families; the federal courthouse downtown is named after his uncle, his cousin was on the state Supreme Court and his older brother, Sander, was a state senator and two-time gubernatorial nominee before being elected to Congress.