UAE pipeline deal will imperil Eilat’s critical coral reefs, scientists warn

Times of Israel | Jan 11, 2021 at 3:59 PM
  • Over 200 scientists from Israel and around the world are imploring the government to halt plans to turn an aging pipeline into a major means of transporting crude oil from the Persian Gulf to Southern Europe, citing concerns about the risk of an environmental disaster.
  • The pact allows for up to 120 oil tankers containing up to 7.9 billion gallons (30 million cubic meters) of crude oil and oil byproducts to use the existing EAPC port in Eilat, on the shore of the Red Sea in southern Israel.
  • Signatories and other activists fear that a spill at one of the terminals could cause even more widespread damage, including to Eilat’s world-famous coral reef nature reserves.