Lawmaker says expropriation of assets becomes new driver of EU economy

TASS Russian News Agency | May 25, 2022 at 3:58 PM

MOSCOW, May 25. /TASS/. State Duma Committee on International Affairs Chairman Leonid Slutsky on Wednesday said expropriation of assets is becoming a new driver of EU economy.

"Apparently, expropriation is becoming a new driver of the European economy, which was undermined by these illegal sanctions," he said on Telegram. "Only instead of thinking about the causes, they begin to deal with the effects. And they do it by the methods of highway robbers."

He was commenting on the proposal of the European Commission to consider it a crime to circumvent sanctions against Russia and confiscate the assets of violators.

The lawmaker said that the EU in its "Russophobic hysteria" is moving further and further away from the principles that it once promoted. "But attempts to 'cancel Russia' are more likely to lead to an increase in mistrust within the EU itself," Slutsky said. "European solidarity is failing to pass the test by an anti-Russian 'oil embargo.'"

Earlier, the EU proposed to treat the circumvention of sanctions against Russia as a crime. Some of the measures call to use the confiscation of assets to punish a wider range of crimes, including violations of EU's restrictions.