Can Czech Republic really cut energy emissions in line with Brussels?

Euronews | Oct 23, 2020 at 8:01 PM
  • Charles VI, the 14th century King of Bohemia and then Holy Roman Emperor, was said to have first envisaged connecting Central Europe’s three waterways – the Oder, Labe and Danube rivers – to link the North, Baltic and Black seas and allow the landlocked Czech lands access to the open waters.
  • Indeed, environmentalists point out that much of the cargo that would be transported between Poland and the Czech Republic on the canal will be coal, an oddity since Prague has committed itself to quickly ending its reliance on coal-produced energy.
  • Babis extracted a concession from the European Commission last December so that expanding nuclear energy production will be acceptable in order to replace the country’s reliance on coal as part of the “Green Deal”.