Are we all getting astronaut food soon? It’s possible.

WNM | Aug 10, 2019 at 11:03 PM

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NASA has developed a new natural protein source. A group of young Finns made it available for the markets.

Helsinki, August 10 (WNM) - Finnish Start-up company Solar Foods is ready if the day ever comes where we finally consume all of our resources thanks to a new protein powder they've created based on a concept by NASA. The company pulls carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by using carbon capture technology, then adds water, nutrients, vitamins, and electricity to the CO2, triggering a fermentation process that's not too different from beer, according to CNN. The finished result is a white, powdery, high-protein substance known as Solein.

Solein, invented by Solar Foods, is a revolutionary natural protein source for the global food industry: suitable for varied consumer diets, and virtually for all food products and types. An innovation created by leading cleantech expertise of Finland and based on a concept by NASA, the unique and pure single-cell proteins of Solein are produced from CO2, water, and electricity.

Independent from weather and irrigation, Solein is an unlimited protein source that is free from agricultural limitations and the boundaries of imagination.

Solein provides a revolutionary solution to the burdens of conventional food production. It enables nearly limitless natural protein production anywhere in the world – regardless of climate conditions, and without sacrificing precious resources, the company says on its website.

Conventional food production wastes water at unsustainable and unreasonable levels. We wanted to fix that. Solein is 100 times more climate-friendly than any animal or plant-based alternative. Unlike conventional protein production, it takes just a fraction of water to produce 1kg of Solein.