Ombudsman opens inquiry into EU Commission’s gas stance

Euractiv | Feb 14, 2020 at 8:47 AM
  • The EU Ombudsman announced on Thursday (13 February) it has opened an inquiry into the European Commission’s catalogue of priority energy projects, after green activists lodged a complaint about the inclusion of new gas infrastructure on the list.
  • MEPs who voted against the Green’s resolution ranged from a wide range of political groups, including the centre-right EPP, the socialist S&D, the centrist Renew Europe, the conservative ECR and the far-right ID groups.
  • Pascal Canfin, a French MEP who chairs the Parliament’s environment committee, threw his weight behind the Commission’s fourth PCI list, lauding a promise from EU climate chief Frans Timmermans to only fund projects that are in line with the EU’s climate objectives.