State’s annual fish catch in 2019 was the lowest in 45 years: CMFRI

Hindustan Times | Jun 30, 2020 at 8:38 PM
  • The state witnessed its lowest annual fish catch in 45 years in 2019 at 2.01 lakh tons, with a rapid decline in all major fish species being caught.
  • Among major fish species, a 97% reduction was recorded for halibuts (fat fish), 84% decline for mullets, 82% reduction for sardines, 84% for perches, 81% for snappers, 34% drop for Indian mackerel, 45% decline for croakers, and an 86% drop for octopus, squid catch and 70% reduction for lobsters.
  • Figures stood at ₹6,402 crore at landing centres.