Impose green tax on tourism in Goa to fund climate change fight: Expert panel

Hindustan Times | Dec 5, 2020 at 4:47 AM
  • The Goa government should consider imposing a green tax on tourism on the lines of taxes being imposed in countries like the Maldives and Spain, to help fund climate change mitigation measures, Goa’s Action Plan for Climate Change has recommended.
  • The draft document that has been put together by the Goa State Biodiversity Board forecasts that Goa could lose as much as 7% of its area to rise of only one metre in the sea level, causing damage to the tune of Rs 8,100 crore.
  • The report has noted that Goa and its surrounding region has witnessed warming trends much faster than the rest of the country, having already witnessed a 1°C rise in mean temperature over the period 1901-2018.