Nuclear war could trigger big El Niño and decrease seafood: Unprecedented warming in equatorial Pacific Ocean could last up to seven years

ScienceDaily | Jan 25, 2021 at 8:02 PM
  • The research, published in the journal Communications Earth & Environment, shows that turning to the oceans for food if land-based farming fails after a nuclear war is unlikely to be a successful strategy — at least in the equatorial Pacific.
  • During a “nuclear Niño,” scientists found that precipitation over the Maritime Continent (the area between the Indian and Pacific oceans and surrounding seas) and equatorial Africa would be shut down, largely because of a cooler climate.
  • More importantly, a nuclear Niño would shut down upwelling of deeper, colder waters along the equator in the Pacific Ocean, reducing the upward movement of nutrients that phytoplankton — the base of the marine food web — need to survive.