Hydrogen for heating homes is in the pipeline

The Telegraph | May 3, 2021 at 6:00 PM
  • Surrounded by pine trees in a remote patch of the RAF Spadeadam base in Cumbria, three purpose-built houses are being used to test out a vision of the future that could soon be rolled out to homes across the UK.
  • Progress now needs to be made in areas such as heating where change is likely to be felt more keenly by energy users, whether through work to install new boilers or heat pumps, or even the temperature in their home (electric heat pumps work at a lower temperature).
  • Yet it is also inefficient, expensive and currently only produced in limited amounts in the UK, leading to questions over how wide a role it should have and whether it is being over-promoted by pipe owners and gas producers to protect their business models in the face of existential threats from decarbonisation.