Home to Freud, Austria Debates Carbon-Tax Therapy to Ease Climate Anxiety

Bloomberg Quint | Jul 1, 2021 at 11:30 AM
  • When temperatures soar and Austrians start to get a little stir crazy, they dream of Alpine hills where scientists and philosophers like Sigmund Freud retreated to refresh mind and body.
  • Fixing a government price on emissions will be key to transmitting the right signals to Austria’s economy over the next decade, according to Armon Rezai, a climate-finance professor at Vienna University of Business and Economics who’s advised the country’s national bank.
  • Austria’s Chamber of Commerce has called the government’s tax plan an ideologically-driven fantasy and rallied skeptics among some of the country’s biggest companies, including Voestalpine AG, OMV AG and Wienerberger AG, the world’s largest brickmaker.