Scientists resurrect ‘forgotten’ genus of algae living in marine animals

ScienceDaily | Jul 2, 2021 at 4:32 AM
  • In a paper published in the journal Nature in 1882, biologist Sir Patrick Geddes of Edinburgh University proffered that not only were these cells distinct entities, but they were also beneficial to the animals in which they lived.
  • He assigned them to a new genus, Philozoon — from the Greek phileo, meaning ‘to love as a friend,’ and zoon, meaning ‘animal’ — and then promptly changed his career direction to pioneer professions in urban planning and design.
  • Now, more than a century after Geddes’s paper was published, an international team of researchers has revisited these “yellow cells,” which, after Geddes, had been determined to be photosynthetic algae in the family Symbiodiniaceae.