Senegal´s Mining Industry: A Cornerstone of the National Economy (By Miguel Artacho)

The Guardian Nigeria | Sep 14, 2021 at 2:00 AM
  • The mining sector is a core component of Senegal´s export industry and contributes strongly towards national revenue and foreign exchange.
  • The project has been developed as part of the major infrastructure drive outlined in the PSE to upgrade transportation infrastructure as a means of attracting FDI into strategic sectors of the Senegalese economy, like mining or hydrocarbons.
  • Chicago-based law firm Mayer-Brown that advises clients in a variety of sectors including the extractive industries, notes that in excess of $5 billion has been invested into Senegal´s mining sector from 2000-2015 and the government of Senegal wants the country to become one of Africa´s top seven gold producers.