Of All the Ways America Is Divided, This One Might Be the Worst

Politico (USA) | Nov 24, 2021 at 5:38 PM
  • I have always seen Thanksgiving not so much as a holiday about the past (too problematic), but as a time to take stock of the national community in the present, to remind ourselves of the ways Americans truly do still depend on each other and to think about how we can build on that solidarity in the future.
  • Week in and week out, CDC update by CDC update, vaccine resistance reminds us that Americans today take the notion of interdependence less and less seriously at precisely the moment they need to be doing the opposite.
  • The most disorienting thing about the new vaccination binary is how it’s nearly superseding the racial binary of Black and white that’s framed my view of America, and my view of its moral sense, my whole life.