Every ninth coronavirus patient aged over 60 dies in Moscow

TASS Russian News Agency | Oct 13, 2021 at 5:08 PM

MOSCOW, October 13. / TASS /. In Moscow, one in nine COVID-19 patients over 60 years old die, the Russian capital's anti-coronavirus crisis center said on Wednesday.

"Every ninth COVID-19 patient over 60 years old dies, while it's one in three among those who do not seek medical attention in a timely manner. Patients aged over 60 create the bulk of the burden on the healthcare services. Roughly 86% of the total death toll from coronavirus are those over 60 years old," the Moscow crisis center noted.

The center pointed out that 60% of hospital beds were occupied by elderly people. Every second COVID-19 patient, rushed to the hospital, is over 60 years old. Also, 70% of intensive care facilities are occupied by people aged over 60, while almost 80% of those on ventilators are elderly people.

As the crisis center mentioned, the disease in older patients is more severe and often leads to death. Furthermore, as many as 50% of those infected with coronavirus over 60 years old require hospitalization. Meanwhile, only 4% of elderly patients are asymptomatic with COVID-19.

"A severe case of the disease in older COVID-19 patients is 5.5 times more likely. In 75-year-olds, it is seven times higher and in people over 80 years, it's nine times higher. Coronavirus in elderly people spreads quickly, and doctors note a rapid deterioration of the condition within three days," the crisis center noted.