Rolling into the age of e-mobility Rolling into the age of e-mobility

Siemens Magazine | Sep 23, 2020 at 11:04 AM

eMobility is a challenging territory for the entire ecosystem. The magazine 'Transmission & Distribution World' and Siemens have joined forces and put together a paper from which you will learn where the EV market is headed, essential objectives, and how to get there.

The African population is expected to double to around 2.5 billion people by 2050. To ensure that young people on the continent have good prospects for the future and good prospects for staying in Africa, an estimated 20 million new jobs would have to be created there every year. Moving Rwanda wants to help create those jobs. “We want to provide modern training opportunities for young people in Rwanda,” explained Development Minister Gerd Müller. “In doing so, we’re giving them a future in their home country as mechanics maintaining the vehicle fleets or as software developers. It’s another concrete way that we’re implementing our ‘Marshall Plan with Africa’”.

Siemens and Volkswagen want to create vocational training opportunities in Rwanda to cover the growing need for people with technical expertise on e-vehicles and the charging infrastructure. “There’s a need for mechatronics technicians and for medium and high voltage technicians,” explained Christian Hagemann of Siemens Government Affairs. The topic has already been discussed in joint workshops with Volkswagen and other companies, and Siemens intends to develop the first modular training programs in the near future. “Along with Volkswagen and the GIZ, we want to establish quality training that leads to strong employment opportunities,” said Hagemann.

Author: Christian Buck

Photos: Siemens AG


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