TRATON CEO Andreas Renschler sees increasing flexibility and focus as positive repercussions of the coronavirus crisis

VW | Jun 26, 2020 at 2:00 AM

The Summer of Purpose was held at the Messe München trade fair center from June 26 to 28 and was attended by around 50 international representatives from science, art and culture, politics, business, sport, and society either in person or virtually. It centered on the question of what lessons could be drawn from the coronavirus crisis.

It had been shown that good results can also be achieved with virtual meetings and working from a home office. “It’s my conviction that this experience will lastingly change the way we work,” said Renschler in his keynote speech. The TRATON GROUP is already analyzing how the new insights can be combined with pre-coronavirus practices so as to identify the suitable way of working for the future.

The second key lesson from this time was the importance of focus. “The crisis is making us realize where society’s vital organs are: in the healthcare and water supply sectors — and also very considerably in transportation. Transportation is the heartbeat of a connected society and an essential factor in all economies,” stated TRATON’s CEO.

Although the economic slump in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic was also forcing companies to focus and set priorities, TRATON would not abandon its plans for alternative drives. “We at TRATON are fully committed to the climate targets set in the Paris Agreement. That’s why we’ll invest one billion euros in alternative drives up to 2025. Despite the crisis. Because the coronavirus evolution can and must become a green revolution,” emphasized Renschler.