Don’t look to mature forests to soak up carbon dioxide emissions: Results of Australian study may have impact on New York state carbon neutrality goals

ScienceDaily | Apr 8, 2020 at 5:46 PM
  • Dr. John Drake, assistant professor in ESF’s Department of Sustainable Resources Management, is a co-author of the paper in collaboration with researchers at Western Sydney University.
  • The experiment, conducted at Western Sydney University’s EucFACE (Eucalyptus Free Air CO2 Enrichment) found new evidence of limitations in the capacity of mature forests to translate rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations into additional plant growth and carbon storage.
  • Drake is working with colleagues Dr. Julia Burton, Dr. René Germain and Beier to develop and field test alternative forest management strategies that mitigate climate change by increasing the capacity of forests to adapt to changes in climate conditions as well as remove carbon from the atmosphere.