Speed and distance Covid-19 droplets travel tracked by researchers in Mater hospital test

Irish Times | Sep 28, 2020 at 9:23 PM
  • The speed and distance which droplets carrying the Covid-19 virus travel and the impact face coverings have on its spread have been demonstrated by a team of mechanical engineers and doctors working out of the Mater hospital in Dublin.
  • Using a combination of old and new technologies based around light, mirrors and lasers, Dr Kevin Nolan, a UCD engineer, and Ronan Cahill, the Mater’s professor of surgery, have displayed how droplets can travel more than two metres from a starting point and linger in the air for more than an hour.
  • The research has also illustrated the ease with which aerosols carrying the virus can exit the abdomen during keyhole surgery and highlighted the need for medical staff to take enhanced protection measures when performing laparoscopic surgeries on patients with the illness.