De-programming the robot

Dawn | Jul 25, 2021 at 9:03 AM
  • After Noor Muqaddam’s murder, some of the usual apologists for such crimes, launched on their theories of what is appropriate for women and what is not in terms of attire and where they should go and not go as they tried to rationalise such an atrocity in the light of their hugely flawed worldview.
  • My friend and former colleague, Mohammed Hanif, in his angry and brutally honest piece on BBC Urdu mentions that some 80 per cent of violent crimes against women ie murders are committed within the four walls of their homes and they don’t have to step out to be targeted.
  • The robot that is programmed to be a predator, to dominate, to hurt, to rape, to kill, will do as he pleases, where he pleases and will always find a reason.