Iran’s COVID-19 infections surpass 243,000; Qatar’s tally crosses threshold of 100,000

Xinhua News Agency | Jul 6, 2020 at 11:32 PM

CAIRO, July 6 (Xinhua) -- The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Iran rose to 243,051 on Monday. Meanwhile, Qatar's infections crossed the major threshold of 100,000.

Iran, the hardest-hit country by the COVID-19 pandemic in the Middle East region, reported 2,613 new cases, bringing the total number of infections to 243,051.

The pandemic has so far claimed the lives of 11,731 Iranians, up by 160 in the past 24 hours. A total of 204,083 coronavirus patients have recovered, with 3,201 still in critical condition.

Iran has reintroduced some restrictions to parts of the country amid the resurgence of COVID-19 infections and fatalities, including shutting down libraries for at least one week in the capital Tehran.

Sports clubs and complexes, ceremony halls and cinemas in high-risk zones were also closed again for at least one week.

Saudi Arabia's coronavirus cases continued the surging trend to reach 213,716 after 4,207 new infections were added.

The kingdom also reported 52 more deaths and 4,398 recovered patients, taking the death toll to 1,968 and the recoveries to 149,634.

The tally of COVID-19 cases in Turkey climbed to 206,844 after 1,086 new infections were reported, Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca tweeted, while cautiously announcing that the number of daily patients is declining.

The death toll from the coronavirus in the country rose to 5,241 after 16 new fatalities were added in the past 24 hours, he said, adding 2,315 more patients recovered, raising the total recoveries to 182,995.

Turkey's amusement and theme parks reopened on Monday as the government further eased the COVID-19 restrictions.

In Qatar, 546 new cases of coronavirus infections were detected, bringing the total number to 100,345, of whom 133 have died and 93,898 recovered.

Egypt reports 969 new coronavirus cases, raising the tally of infections in the North African country to 76,222.

It is the first time that Egypt registers fewer than 1,000 daily new COVID-19 cases since May 28.

The Egyptian Health Ministry also reported 79 more deaths and 512 cases of recoveries, increasing the death toll to 3,422 and the total recoveries to 21,238.

Iraq confirmed 1,796 new coronavirus cases, taking the total number of infections to 62,275.

The country also reported 94 deaths and 1,724 more recovered cases from the coronavirus during the day, bringing the death toll to 2,567 and the total recoveries to 34,741.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced 528 new COVID-19 cases and one more death, increasing the tally of infections to 52,068 and the death toll to 324.

The total number of recoveries from the virus in the UAE increased to 40,721 after 424 more fully recovered.

In Kuwait, the total number of infections soared to 50,644 after 703 new cases were added, of whom 373 have died and 41,001 recovered.

Oman's Ministry of Health announced 1,557 new cases of infections, bringing the total number of COVID-19 cases in the country to 47,735, including 218 deaths and 29,146 recoveries.

Israel reported 791 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the tally of coronavirus infections to 30,749.

The deaths from the virus in Israel increased from 331 to 334 while the recoveries rose to 18,056. The number of active cases reached a record 12,359.

Earlier in the day, the Israeli government reimposed several restrictions to combat the rapid surge of coronavirus cases, including closing gyms, bars, night clubs and event halls.

Public swimming pools were also shut down and concerts and culture shows were all cancelled.

Algeria registered 463 new cases of infections, taking the tally of infections to 16,404, while the death toll hit 959 and the recoveries reached 11,884.

In Morocco, the tally of COVID-19 cases rose to 14,379 after 164 new cases were added, including 237 fatalities and 10,137 recoveries.

In Lebanon, the number of COVID-19 infections increased by 12 to 1,885, while the death toll remained at 36.

Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hassan said on Monday that the number of the Lebanese who have been infected with COVID-19 accounts for only 0.3 percent of the Lebanese population, which encouraged the government to reopen economic sectors.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Yemen's government-controlled provinces increased to 1,284 after 19 new cases were added.

The number of recoveries in the government-controlled areas, including the southern port city of Aden, increased to 575 and the death toll climbed to 345.

Jordan registered three more infections, bringing the total coronavirus cases to 1,167, including 10 deaths and 957 recoveries.

In Libya, the tally of COVID-19 infections rose to 1,046 after 57 new ones were registered, including 261 recoveries and 32 deaths.