Number of ‘terrorists’ eliminated by Turkish armed forces reaches 550

TASS Russian News Agency | Oct 14, 2019 at 7:01 AM


Number of ‘terrorists' eliminated by Turkish armed forces reaches 550 - defense ministry

ANKARA, October 14. The Turkish Armed forces have "neutralized 550 terrorists" during Operation Peace Spring, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense reported on Monday.

"Operation Peace Spring successfully continues east of the Euphrates River. Five hundred and fifty terrorists from the Kurdistan Workers' Party and the People's Defense Units were neutralized during it," the report says.

On Sunday, the ministry reported that "525 terrorists were neutralized." On October 9, Turkey declared the start of Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria, which started with the air force's strikes on Kurdish units' positions. The goal is to create a buffer zone there, which is to become a protective belt along the Turkish border. The Syrian refugees will be able to return there, according to Ankara's plans. Syrian state news agency SANA called the operation aggression, and the global community denounced Ankara's actions.