Lawsuit among crypto entrepreneurs opens window into controversial industry

Times of Israel | Aug 15, 2019 at 1:12 PM
  • A lawsuit filed in Tel Aviv District Court this month reveals the inner workings of Israel’s blockchain industry, including how some of the key players in that industry allegedly helped binary options operatives repurpose themselves as crypto entrepreneurs while at the same time reportedly being tapped by the Trump administration to promote Mideast peace.
  • The Peled brothers provided ICO consultancy services to a series of cryptocurrency ventures including Kik, Sirin, Stox, Orbs, Atomic, Zinc, Coti, DX Exchange, Endor, PumaPay and Leadcoin.
  • Kik reportedly raised $100 million, Sirin raised $157 million, Stox raised $35 million and Leadcoin raised $50 million in their respective initial coin offerings.