Trading volume on Moscow Exchange up 27.8% in September

TASS Russian News Agency | Oct 2, 2020 at 6:39 PM

MOSCOW, October 2. /TASS/. The total traded volume on the Moscow Exchange gained 27.8 percent in September 2020 and amounted to 86.5 trillion rubles ($1.11 trillion), the Exchange reports on Tuesday.

All main exchange markets were in the green, specifically the stock market (up 89.3%), the futures market (+55.9%), the bond market (up 46.4%), the money market (up 31.4%), and the forex market (+19.1%).

The trading volume on the stock market surged 65% in September to 4.04 trillion rubles ($51.6 bln). Trading in stocks, depositary receipts and capital units rose by 89.3% to 2 trillion rubles ($25.6 bln). The daily trading figure was 91.4 bln rubles ($1.17 bln), up 80.6%.

Trading in corporate, regional and government bonds increased by 46.4% to 2.03 trillion rubles ($25.9 bln). The daily trading volume gained 39.9% to 92.3 bln rubles ($1.8 bln).

The traded volume on the futures and options market soared 55.9% to 13.1 trillion rubles ($167.4 bln) or 187.2 mln contracts. The daily trading figure also rose by 48.8% to 593.2 bln rubles ($7.6 bln).

Trading on the forex market increased to 29.9 trillion rubles ($382.1 bln). Spot trading amounted to 9 trillion rubles ($115 bln). Swaps and forwards amounted to 20.8 trillion rubles ($265.8 bln). The average daily trading amount on the forex market of the Moscow Exchange totaled 1.36 trillion rubles or $17.9 bln.

Trading on the money market surged by 31.4% to 38.9 trillion rubles ($497 bln).