Hidden brain signals behind working memory

ScienceDaily | Jun 14, 2019 at 2:46 AM
  • Published online by the journal Science on June 14, the study addressed “working memory,” the temporary activation of brain cells that happens as we tour a new neighborhood, for instance, and remember our way around later that day.
  • The study authors recorded the firing of place cells as a rat performed the memory task in the maze, and predicted the route taken as reflected in the cell firing sequence captured in each sharp wave ripple.
  • This work was supported by the Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship, EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship -ALTF 120-2017, FAPESP grant 2017/03729-2, National Institutes of Health grants MH107396, NS074015, and U19NS104590, and National Science Foundation grant 1707316.