Chip world tries to come to grips with promise and peril of AI

ZDNet | Jul 13, 2019 at 2:04 PM
  • The computer industry faces epic change, as the demands of “deep learning” forms of machine learning force new requirements upon silicon, at the same time that Moore’s Law, the decades-old rule of progress in the chip business, is collapsing.
  • On the plus side, many tools are at the disposal of companies such as Advanced Micro Devices and Xilinx to make “heterogenous” arrangements of chips to meet the demands of deep learning.
  • Su talked about the company’s “Epyc,” server chip, which is working around the Moore’s Law bottleneck by gathering together multiple silicon dice, called “chiplets,” into a single package, with a high-speed memory bus connecting the chiplets, to build a kind of chip that is its own computer system.