New data breach exposes fingerprints and face recognition records of millions of users

India Today | Aug 15, 2019 at 12:59 PM
  • Biometric data, including the fingerprint scans and face recognition records, and other details, such as the unencrypted username, passwords and personal information of employees, of over one million people have been found on a publicly accessible database of a biometrics company that deploys its security system all over the world.
  • The team was able to gain access the data available in Biostar 2’s database, which included more than 27.8 million records and a total of 23GB data, simply by manipulating the URL search criteria, The Guardian reported.
  • In India and Sri Lanka, the researchers were able to access the data pertaining to a gym chain, while in the United Kingdom, they were able to gain access to the data of a medicine supplier and the UK Metropolitan police.