‘Air taxi to see explosive demand after 2035’

The Korea Times | Jan 16, 2020 at 6:47 AM
  • Ex-NASA expert says Hyundai’s air mobility biz is feasible By Nam Hyun-woo LAS VEGAS ― The public demand for an air taxi service will see “an inflection point” in 2035, and Hyundai Motor Group’s bid to preoccupy the lucrative market is a feasible investment.
  • After building a successful career at NASA, he moved to the carmaker in September as an executive vice president, to lead the group’s development of electric aircraft.
  • Aggravating traffic problems all across the world is increasing the demand for urban air mobility services, and this will be transformed into the rise of “on-demand service of flight,” which requires an increased number of flights and the mass production of aircrafts that can handle the demand.