Microsoft hires Apple 5G chief to develop new HoloLens and AI products

Venture Beat | Apr 7, 2020 at 10:38 PM
  • Most of Apple’s key executives and engineers are anonymous, never appearing on stage or in news stories, but Rubén Caballero is an exception — a long-term wireless engineering VP who helped develop multiple iPhones dating back to the original model, and reportedly red-flagged the iPhone 4’s antenna design internally before it became infamous.
  • The current-generation headset uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for communications, but it doesn’t have integrated cellular capabilities — something that the last two all-in-one HoloLens designs might struggle to deliver given their placement of all hardware on the user’s head.
  • In any case, familiarity with cutting-edge antenna and chip designs will be critical for engineering next-generation devices with smaller sizes and less power consumption.