iPhone 12 deals highlight a renewed battle between wireless carriers

CNET | Oct 17, 2020 at 2:00 PM
  • This week’s arrival of the iPhone 12’s, which features 5G as its marquee addition, brought to the forefront the US carriers that have been rapidly building out these next-generation wireless networks.
  • As more spectrum is allocated to the service he expects the average download speed on T-Mobile’s midband 5G network to be 400Mbps with peaks of 1Gbps by the end of the year, or nearly eight times faster than speeds on the company’s low-band 5G network.
  • This year, however, AT&T has gone a step further by offering free iPhone 12s to both new and existing users so long as they trade in a phone in good condition, switch to one of its recent unlimited plans and finance the device on an AT&T installment plan.