Home cinema systems could change the way we consume art – here’s why

techradar.pro | Jan 17, 2021 at 12:00 PM
  • Many have taken the opportunity to upgrade their home cinema systems over the past year, to ensure the picture and sound of TV shows and films are shown off at their best – but there may be potential for home cinemas beyond merely action flicks and Oscar-winning movies in a wide aspect ratio.
  • The sector has been forced to adapt to new regulations and routines, though, in the process largely shifting from physical venues to online spaces – something only made possible by the ubiquity of home entertainment technologies, as well as the groundwork laid digital art distribution systems in the years before the current pandemic.
  • Whilst the use of online art as a stand-in for attending physical art events can, of course, be attributed to a lack of alternatives during lockdown months, cultural producers and consumers alike have found that this way of engaging with art had its own merits.