Russia creates first digital target field in the world

TASS Russian News Agency | Nov 26, 2021 at 3:45 PM

MOSCOW, November 26. /TASS-DEFENSE/. The Spetstechnologii (Special Technologies) Company displayed unique designs for fire training. It for the first time in the world designed and created a complete digital target field, which raises training to a new level of automation and convenience, TASS reports

Ultrasound target

The company demonstrated two mostly used targets. The first one is an ultrasound target. It comprises an ultrasound sensor frame to register the time and place of the bullet hit and the target itself, which is an unbreakable object. The shooter aims at the target and the ultrasound system and its hard and software register the precise place of the hit and immediately transmit the data to the terminal.

"It is a joint design with TsNIItochmash. It registers the hit of subsonic and supersonic munitions at a distance of 2 km. It registers up to a thousand hits per minute. One can fire air guns, high-speed guns, etc. at the target," Spetstechnologii founder Andrey Rul said.

Wireless target

The second design radically changes fire training. The company used modern digital technologies and simple electronics to revive classical cardboard targets.

The technology was demonstrated by a classical three-zone target for practical fire (IPSC). It looks like an ordinary cardboard target, but with switched on electrodes. The hit data is transmitted to the smartphone of the shooter and there is no necessity to come to the target, replace it or seal the holes.

Rul said the targets are expendables, which cost a little bit more than ordinary ones. "The unit is eternal and protected by armored plastic. Naturally, it is not cheap. We estimate it at a thousand dollars. The cardboard target varies from 150 to 250 rubles per unit depending on the circulation of a hundred or hundred thousand pieces," he said.

The electronic cardboard target has no drawbacks of ordinary targets and enjoys a resource sufficient for one full training. Designers said it sustains 250 hits.--0--nec

Digitizing targets

Spetstechnologii also designs hard and software to digitize the results of shooting competitions or military live fire drills. The information from electronic targets comes to a single database. It is possible to immediately see the results, the quality of combat training, and register the consumption of munitions. The company demonstrated a solution for a full-fledged digital shooting range.

"We have set the task to fully digitize all shootings in the Russian armed forces," Rul said.

"We have also designed a target for underwater shooting and training of combat swimmers. The main task was to make everything operate underwater. The emission of the signal underwater is not an easy task," he said.

Heat targets

The company has designed unique heat targets to train fire with heat imaging sights. It is cooperating with leading Russian law enforcers and creates unique products for fire training at a new level. "We closely interact with two known special units of the country. We are producing concrete things for them," Rul said.

The company also creates interactive shooting simulators. The targets react to movements and actions of the shooter like real human beings. "The electronic character of our targets provides new opportunities to introduce interactive features into shooting practice," Rul said.