Two Eurofighters collide and crash in Northern Germany

WNM | Jun 24, 2019 at 2:54 PM

ROSTOCK, June 24 (WNM/Reuters) - Two Eurofighters collided in the airspace northeast of Malchow (Mecklenburg Lake District). This was confirmed by a speaker of the Luftwaffe Squadron 73 "Steinhoff" based in Rostock-Laage according to NDR 1 Radio MV. Pilots could save themselves. Shortly after 2 pm, the two machines collided between Silz and Jabel north of Fleesensee. Both pilots could have rescued themselves with the ejection seat. There is still no information about the health of the pilots. According to the ministery of transportation one pilot was found in the crown of a tree.  According to the police of Nebrandenburg, one pilot was killed, n-tv television reported, while the pilot of the other jet was reported as having parachuted to safety.

The two planes crashed.

What has happened is still unclear. It is currently assumed that the Eurofighters took off from Rostock-Laage. Rescue teams from the air force, among others, are in action. According to a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior, one of the two planes crashed into a forest near the village of Jabel, Schweriner Volkszeitung is reporting. The other had crashed south of the village of Nossentiner Hütte on the edge of a forest. The two villages are about ten kilometres apart.

Photos published by Nordkurier show the debris:

The plane wrecks caused a forest fire on the ground. The police, fire brigade and rescue service are in large action. According to initial information, they also hit inhabited areas. At first nothing was known about possible victims.

"Together with a third Eurofighter they were flying an Air Combat Mission," the German force tweeted according to Reuters. "The pilot of the third Eurofighter observed the collision and reported that two parachutes descended to the ground."

Ostseewelle radio, which first reported the crash, posted a video sent in by one of its readers which it said showed two plumes of smoke rising from separate crash sites at some distance from each other.

Focus magazine said one of the pilots of the Eurofighters - made by Airbus, BAE Systems and Leonardo - had been found living while the other was yet to be located.