One of the last birds from endangered species saved by activists in Cyprus

WNM | Sep 13, 2019 at 2:55 PM

NICOSIA, September 13 (WNM) -- A bird of the endangered Griffon Vulture species which was spotted in distress on a craggy cliff over a rocky beach on the south shores of Episkopi Bay, Cyprus, was saved in a combined operation of the Game and Fauna Service and volunteers of BirdLife environmental organization, an email statement from BirdLife Cyprus said on Friday.

It said the young bird was spotted several days ago on a hard-to-reach rock hanging over the sea by a Bird Life volunteer who happened to be in the area. It was wet and unable to fly and looked to be in distress.

Personnel of the Game and Fauna Service and environmentalist volunteers using a private boat managed to get near the rocky beach and made some mountaineering to reach the bird.

The bird now looks healthy and is being housed at the Game and Fauna Service Rehabilitation Centre, which will continue to monitor and support the bird until it is ready for release, the statement said.

But before its release, the statement added, it will be fitted with a GPS transmitter so as to monitor its movements, which are expected to provide valuable information for the protection for the already diminished Griffon vulture population in Cyprus.

"The rescue of even one bird is of crucial importance as any loss is a serious blow to the survival of the species in Cyprus," BirdLife said. It also announced that an EU funded program will soon be implemented for the conservation of the species.